3D scanner enables more reliable packaging

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Gerhard Schubert GmbH at IPACK-IMA 2015 in Milan

Hall 7, Stand 43

3D technology is finding its way into the packaging industry. From May 19th – 23rd, 2015, Gerhard Schubert GmbH will be presenting a TLM picker line equipped with a 3D scanner at the IPACK-IMA trade show in Milan. This technology raises quality control to a higher level. Schubert will also be showcasing its TLM standard components at the show, such as the latest Transmodul, which has further increased the efficiency and compactness of TLM lines.

The Vision System of the TLM packaging line uses data from the 3D scanner to calculate the three-dimensional shape of the product to be packaged. Belt soiling, crumbs etc. are usually shorter than the products themselves and are ignored by the scanner due to their lower height. The scanner is also better at identifying products in low-contrast situations, such as a white product on a white background. This makes image recognition more robust and reliable. Customers in every industry can profit from less rejection, greater production capacity and improved quality.

The 3D scanner also detects defects, such as a brown sandwich cookie with brown cream which is missing the top part. Defective products like this are rejected from the packaging process. If the product density is consistent, the TLM Vision System can even determine the weight of each product. This makes it possible to complete individual product patterns within a defined weight range during the grouping process.

At the IPACK-IMA trade show, Schubert will be demonstrating the pick-and-place process of a TLM packaging machine with F44 robots. The robots pick up little white and brown chocolate bears from a white product belt and place them on transmodules in a pattern.

Transmodules increase line efficiency

Using the tried-and-tested standard TLM components, Schubert can also configure lots of other packaging functions in any industry. If so desired, customers can get a highly compact line which also cartonizes and palletizes using the pick-and-place process. The deep drawing of attractive plastic packaging is also available.

The TLM Transmodul, which guides all the products, boxes and cartons through the packaging process, is already established in many industries. It is a single-axis rail-based robot featuring contact-less energy and data transmission. Exchangeable size plates are placed on the transport carriage. From bottles, tubes, bags and cans to baked goods and chocolate bars, TLM lines from Schubert can process any products and package them in any conceivable packing pattern.

The TLM Transmodul increases the compactness of TLM lines and enables more efficient solutions to be found for individual packaging tasks, which leads to a reduction in machinery. This increases line efficiency and reduces the amount of space required.

The advantages for different industries are illustrated through the presentation of current sample references to IPACK-IMA visitors on a large-format video wall.